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Property sales and purchase usually include hundreds of pages of clauses, disclaimers, and other legalese. Don't bother trying to drudge through it yourself. Instead, work with a seasoned real estate lawyer who will ensure your settlement is closed properly, without dispute: Attorney Janis M. Smith.

Contract disputes are an unfortunately common problem in real estate transactions. Avoid the time and expense of taking it to court. Choose Attorney Smith to draft and execute your real estate transactions, filings and contracts. She will simplify and help you in a faster sale or a purchase agreement.

Is Your Sales Agreement Ironclad?

Insurance and title research are probably two obscure-sounding items that you haven't yet addressed. But both are highly important and necessary to ensure a smooth real estate transaction. Attorney Smith will thorough research your property's title, to ensure no clerical errors exist that may cause a dispute later - and cost you money in court. She will also facilitate acquiring a comprehensive title insurance policy that protects you and your lender from additional legal matters or conflicts.


Attorney Janis M. Smith also works with numerous rental clients, finding expedient and amicable resolutions to landlord-tenant disputes, and efficiently advising clients if such disputes must go to court. She will also assist you with real estate closings. Contact Janis M. Smith, Attorney at Law for all your real estate needs.

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